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Our Story

     Maranatha House, located in Jackson county Tennessee, is a yearlong Christ centered residential recovery program for women that seriously want to change their lives. Most of our residents have struggled with drug addiction, abusive relationships, and incarceration. Almost all have had their children removed. Some come to us very sick. All have been emotionally traumatized in some way.

     Since its inception 7 years ago, Maranatha House has helped dozens of women break the chains of addiction and abuse to become productive members of society.    

     Potential residents complete an extensive application. All applications are considered and every effort is made to get them help of some kind.    

     Once accepted into the program, residents begin to learn who they are in Christ while developing life skills essential for their future success.      Each of our ladies attends classes on a variety of subjects ranging from parenting to domestic violence. They face their legal issues, set up payment plans for any fines, undergo dental work, medical evaluations, DCS casework, attend 12 step recovery meetings through Freedom Ministries, and work countless volunteer hours giving back to the community.     They are permitted, subject to court stipulations, visitation with children in state custody or relative placement in order to begin the sometimes long process of healing. A special apartment is set aside for this purpose so as to provide a home environment while their children visit.                   

     Additionally, each resident is provided professional counseling by Christian counselors.      By the time a resident reaches phase 3, and if she has procured a job, developed a budget, and demonstrated self-discipline, they are allowed to move into one of the onsite apartments. There, they are responsible for paying their own utilities, maintaining a budget, obtaining a driver’s license, purchasing vehicle insurance, continuing volunteer hours and developing independent living skills all under strict supervision. In addition to all this, they are to keep current on phase work, continue 12 step meetings and visitation with their children. This is where life gets tough but life is tough in the real world.  Some, for the first time in their life, find that, with God’s help, they can do it.    

     By graduation at the end of phase 4, they will be ready to move out on their own as fully productive citizens, clean, addiction free and serving God. Many will have custody of their children reinstated by this time or be well into the process.

A faith-based, twelve month residential program

helping women overcome

life-controlling issues.

Our Mission

     By the end of her 12 month, 4 phase program, a Maranatha graduate will have:.

  • Performed over 600 hrs. of community service.

  • Attended 200 hrs. of life skills training.

  • Attended 200 hrs. of 12 step recovery.

  • Finished over 800 pages of phase work, including many required books. .

  • Submitted to at least 15-20 drug screens.

  • Attended over 300 hrs. of bible study.

  • Attended over 100 church services.

  • Attended 22 hrs. of professional counseling.    



Maranatha is a 501(c)3,

and is supported solely by private donations.

All staff work pro bono and receive no salary.

We receive no government support.


Contact us at (931) 268-5673 or (931) 239-0376

What We Believe

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