Maranatha is a 501(c)3,

We are supported solely by private donations.

All staff work pro bono and receive no salary.

We receive no government support.

Maranatha survives by the generosity of those that see the value in these beautiful women that the world has cast away. Our staff takes no salary everything donated goes 100% to support the ladies.

  • $15 will sponsor 1 woman for 1 day
  • $100 will fund the center for 1 day
  • $450 will sponsor 1 woman for 1 month
  • $3500 will fund the center for 1 month
  • $5250 will sponsor a resident for 1 year
or Mail a check to:   PO Box 457, Gainesboro, TN  38562


Call Pastor Ken at (931)239-0376 if you'd like to help.


Pray that God will protect these precious souls he has entrusted to us. Pray that we can continue to provide for them as they learn to stand on their own. Pray for the staff that The Lord will strengthen us as we continue to pour into them.

We could really use some monthly supporters!  We are often in "feast or famine" mode.  It would help us through the leaner times if we knew we had specific amounts coming in month to month.  Your $10, $25 or $100+ monthly donation could help with that. 

  • Donate gently used home goods, clothing, even cars.

  • Sponsor a FOOD DRIVE at your church, school or business.

  • CONNECT - Be a link between your local church and Maranatha

  • BE SOCIAL - Like us on Facebook and Share our posts to help us connect with others

  • Can you help transport women to the many places they need to be? Logistics can be very difficult.
  • We always have building repairs, lawn mowing, and many other projects going on

Register your Kroger Plus Card.  Designate Maranatha as your charity and earn money for Maranatha when you shop for groceries.

Start your Amazon Shopping at and Maranatha will receive a donation whenever you make a purchase.

Register with iGive and your online shopping at over 1700 stores will send money to Maranatha.