The Bridge Community Church in Jackson County Tennessee, has established Maranatha as a place for recovering women and displaced families find their way back through the Love of Jesus Christ. Jackson county is one of the poorest counties in Tennessee with over 10% of minor children in state custody. Maranatha offers families a way to stay together and learn normal life skills.   Maranatha has been blessed with an 87% success rate.  Through God ALL things are possible! 

Maranatha taught me that there (are) people out there that do care and love you no matter what, and I thank every single person that has or had a hand helping us girls thru the times when we didnt love our selves..... I just had my 26th birthday yesterday and celebrated it sober. I see my children now pretty much when ever I want not because I'm sober but because I'm changed I'm a new person I smile and love my life and i have Maranatha to thank for this!!! Pastor, Ms.D, Ms. Jen, and can't forget u Ms Barb, my lil patience teacher....I love u all thank you for the parts u played in my life!   (H.A. OCT 2013)

I graduated maranatha in Sept. This program saved me from the hell that I turned my life into. These amazing people helped me to find the tools I needed to rebuild my foundation and stood beside me till I learned how to use them. No words can express the gratitude and love I hold in my heart for every member of the staff and The Bridge community church. You are all true blessings from god. (R.W. MAR 2016)

In the beginning, I was convinced that life was supposed to be miserable, and the only way I could survive was with drugs. I would dread getting up to face the day; my three children and my husband were the only reason I didn't commit suicide. I didn't want to live anymore. I thought I was being punished by all the deaths I've been through, and when my daddy committed suicide, that did me in. Broken hearted was not the word for it. At that time, I believed I was too far gone. I was absolutely shattered.     

      I was arrested in January, and served a 90 day sentence before coming to Maranatha. The funny thing is, I was not afraid to go to jail. I was actually quite relieved. Sitting in the back of the squad car in cuffs, I was thanking Jesus. Even though I knew I was losing my kids at that time, I was thankful because I knew in my heart I was finally getting away. I knew I would do whatever it took to get my kids and my husband back.

     After sitting in jail for about 40 days, two of my kids failed hair follicle drug screens. When it rains, it pours. At the time, I was totally devastated but now I know God has a bigger plan for me than serving 90 days and simply going home. So, I came from that cold jail cell and went to Maranatha. 

     Coming into this, I did not know what to expect and I was scared. I soon learned I'm exactly where I was meant to be. All by the grace of God and my new found family. God knows exactly what he's doing and I am so thankful. 

     I am working on getting myself right so I can be the mother and wife God always meant for me to be. Not only do I have God now, I have a family. It's crazy because sometimes all you need is a simple hug and someone saying welcome home to realize this is where I was meant to be all along.

     So many things have happened to me since coming here. I will get to see my kids soon, I get to work on building my relationship back with my husband and my family. 

     I start work soon and with God'js help, when it's time for me to leave, I'll have my CNA certificate and a career. 

     In finding myself, I'm actually liking the person I'm becoming. I've been lost for 31 years, 16 of those as an IV drug user, but now I'm found. I love everything about this place. Somehow I knew when I heard the words "OK Stephanie, welcome to the first day of the rest of your life", spoken to me by Miss Di, I knew my life was going to get better. It already has. I'm just getting started. They're so much more and for that I am so grateful. (S. AUG 2016)